Daily Inspiration – Strawberry Picking

Monday, June 29th, 2015

My summer dreams came true this weekend when we finally went strawberry picking! It was all I ever dreamed of and maybe a little more. I’ve been wanting to do this for years now, not sure why it took us so long. We visited Carandale Farm out in Oregon, WI (not to be confused with “Portland, Oregon HA!) which was just a short drive from our home. Again, another reason why I love Madison. One minute you’re in the city, the next you are out standing on a strawberry farm. It was kinda magical. We had a blast, everyone was extremely nice there and I am already excited to go back next year HA! Another fun Summer tradition added to our list. We were extremely lucky to go on what we found out could be their last day of the picking season (I would’ve been devastated to miss it) so it felt extra special. The mister wouldn’t let me try berries there while picking without washing it first HAHA So the minute we got home, I washed all 4 pounds and took my first bite of one. I have never, ever had a more SWEET strawberry. They’re so good! Kinda glad I didn’t try them while picking because our basket would’ve been empty by the time we got home HA! I made fresh juice and am planning on having strawberry spinach salad all week long. I’m living in strawberry heaven right now and won’t complain one bit. I made a little video to celebrate the occasion. Enjoy it below with all the pics. Have you ever visited a strawberry farm? Have you gone strawberry picking before? Isn’t it the best? Happy Summer loves!











Daily Inspiration – Love Wins

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Let’s never forget this awesome day. I’m sure we all know someone who is celebrating and feeling our same freedom right now. Love will always win and today love won big! Free “Love wins” download made just for you. Happy Friday loves!


“Love Wins” Download

Daily Inspiration – Retro Revolution

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Well well well, look what I found! The coolest little vintage shop in Madison. I’ve been going through withdrawals without having Melrose’s Trading Post around the corner anymore. Retro Revolution is the cutest little shop with way too many vintage items. I had to be strong not to bring something home with me. Obviously the cameras had my heart the minute I stepped in. The typewriters, oh the typewriters. Wish I could take them all home. If you are local, you don’t wanna miss this spot! The prices were incredible too. I hesitated sharing this with you all since it seems like a good secret store to have HA! But since I’m not selfish I had to tell you. Have you been to Retro Revolution? What’s your favorite vintage shop?







Daily Inspiration – Gigi’s Cupcakes

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Ladies and gents I present to you the most delicious & adorable cupcakes EVER! No, I didn’t bake these (I’m not that talented) these were baked by none-other than Gigi’s cupcakes! Ever since trying them for the first time when we moved to Madison, I’ve been hooked. It also helps that they’re the nicest people whenever we stop by. They just launched their Summer menu this week which runs until the end of August. That means you have a few months to enjoy a Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Margarita or Pink Lemonade cupcake! Say what? I was more than thrilled to feature them and show them some love. I mean, look at them! The mini cupcakes are the cutest thing I’ve ever eaten HA! It’s hard to pick a favorite. Their most popular flavors, which they have year-round, are Wedding Cake, Red velvet (of course) & White Midnight Magic – for all those chocolate lovers out there! (like me). If your mouth is watering, simply look up a Gigi’s near you and thank me later! Have you been to Gigi’s cupcakes? What’s your favorite flavor? Happy Summer loves!


Gigis Cupcakes


















Daily Inspiration – Father’s Day {Free} Printables

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Just like we did for Mother’s day I figured, why not create Father’s day {free} printables for those who need a gift for that special guy in their life? I’ll be honest, we totally thought father’s day was last Sunday. To the point that after having our special “father’s day pancake breakfast” the mister called his dad to wish him happy Father’s Day just to have him laugh at us and tell us it was next Sunday. We were about to call my dad next HA! Not sure how that happened but we’ve been laughing about it daily and now I may or may not have to go get more bananas + pecans for the second round of pancakes HA! Anyhow, hope you have a lovely Sunday friends! Remember, just download, print and frame. I’m sure there are some dads out there that will appreciate some watercolor prints HA! What do  you think?



“You’re My Hero” Download



“Home Is Where Dad Is” Download


“Super Dad” Download



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