Daily Inspiration – Summer Wish List

Friday, May 29th, 2015

With Summer around the corner I figured why not put together a little wish list (as tradition with the season changing). I’m still waiting to buy my first pair of shoes in over a year and a half and these Birkenstock’s are calling my name. What do you think? Yay or nay? Either way check out my Summer list below. All these dresses seem perfect for a sunny day or pool party. What do you think? What are you excited to do this summer? Also, 2015 can you slow down? Thank you!


 1. Embroidered Babydoll Dress $19.90 | 2. Play-suit $24.95 | 3. Sunglasses $7.90 | 4. Birkenstock “Arizona” $134.95 |

5. Strappy Gauze Dress $22.90 | 6. Tribal Print Poncho Dress $17.90 |

Daily Inspiration – Free Map Envelopes DIY

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

I was standing in line at a gas station in the middle of nowhere when this idea came to my mind. No joke! When I told the mister he laughed at me and called me crazy (what’s new?) You might remember I made these cute washi-tape envelopes a few weeks back. Well, this time around I added cutouts of the lovely free map I picked up. What I love most about this is that two envelopes will never be the same. Plus the maps are free and everyone will be happy HA! Don’t you just love creating things out of free stuff? I do! To start of these free map envelopes DIY go pick up a free map at your closest gas station (don’t tell them I sent you, or do tell them if they are nice HA!)

You will also need envelopes, washi tape, scissors, letter stickers (I found these on sale at Joann’s for $1) and most importantly remember to let your imagination go, so let’s have fun! To make them just cut out different shapes of your map and place them on your envelopes as you wish. From hearts to squares, anything is fair game. To finish them up add some washi tape and fun messages with your letter stickers. What do you think? Who will you be sending these map envelopes to? Happy crafting loves!







Daily Inspiration – Tea Bag Cookies

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

I must confess, this is by far my fave collaboration with Wedding Paper Divas. These Tea Bag Cookies (dipped in chocolate I might add) will be the cutest and most delicious addition to your next tea party! Yes, I said tea party! If you have a bridal shower to throw or maybe even your next ladies night this could be a great theme. Between the mix of vintage tea cups and delicious sweets I am obsessed with the idea. For the full DIY and recipe visit Wedding Paper Divas’ blog. What do you think? Aren’t these the cutest?



Tea Party Cookie

Tea Party Cookie

Daily Inspiration – Succulent favors DIY

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Succulents are everyone’s faves if you ask me. So why not give them away as party favors at your next party? It takes no time to put these together and they will rock as both centerpieces + party favors so that’s a win win! I mean, come on, how pretty are these? Check out the full tutorial over at Wedding Paper Divas blog! See you on the other end friends!

Succulent Favors DIY Wedding Paper Divas


Succulent Favors DIY

Succulent Favors DIY | Wedding Paper Divas

Daily Inspiration – Watermelon Shake

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

There is nothing more refreshing than having watermelon during a hot day. Well, any day for that matter and in any form. We had some leftover chunks from a BBQ a few weeks back so I decided to make a shake. Multiple shakes for days to be exact. Once I shared it on Instagram (@inspirationnook) I knew I had to share my recipe with you guys. For this delicious Watermelon shake all you need is milk and some ice cubes! I mix about 4 ice cubes, 1/2 cup of milk and a full cup of watermelon chunks. You can add as many chunks as you wish really. The good thing about it is it tastes pretty good all natural without any sugar added. The sweeter your watermelon the better! How easy is this? Check out our fun video below. Once again, I had way too much fun making this for you guys! Do you love watermelon too? What fruit do you like making shakes with?







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